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Written by Evan Bluvius   
Tuesday, 20 February 2018 01:55

Greetings! I am Evan Bluvius, a Proconsul in the Triumvirate Coalition and Deputy Secretary General of the Galactic Alliance. On behalf of the entire Galactic Alliance, I want to welcome you to our holosite. Here, you will find information about our beliefs, our member states, and a few other services our alliance offers.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the Galactic Alliance, we are a group of peace-loving governments and conglomerates seeking Liberty, Justice and respect for personal rights and the rule of law for all sentients in our Galaxy. Should you or your group be interested in joining the Galactic Alliance, please reach out to myself or Gand Xitwa, Secretary General of the Galactic Alliance. We would love the opportunity to discuss our great alliance in more detail.

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Allied Worlds

Nulan VI

Nulan VI is an amazing planet with a thriving economy, tourism being a prime factor. The planet is home to the Arkanian House of Kaos. Named after one of the original leaders and current Domestic Affairs Minister Gavin Kaos.


Leader Profiles

Uther Von Kaldreon

Emperor Uther Von Kaldreon, Noble of the house of Von Kaldreon, Ruler of the Chalcedon Dominion, conqueror of the Rachuk Sector, Grand Admiral of the Black Watch Fleet, Heir to the throne of Kaldreon, Proud Member of the Galactic Alliance.